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If you hadn't guessed by the header, my name is Matt Hackmann but it's also sometimes dxprog. Right now I am both.

I am a web developer by trade, as a hobbyist since 2001 and professionally since 2009. It's a fascinating time to be in this field as more and more services go online and something new and exciting is being created everyday.

When not web developing, I'm busy being a nerd of many hats. From computers to sci-fi to anime to retro gaming, I've got most of those bases covered (for good or ill). Sometimes I'll also dabble in art and video production.

Ask me anything and I shall answer

Stuff I've answered thus far

Are you going to update Anime Bracket? For example a search feature, being able to see older brackets, and a ton more.

AnimeBracket needs some TLC for sure. When? I couldn't give a timeline on that.

What do you think of Microsoft's purchase of LinkedIn?

Odd, to be sure. A bunch of us had speculated about an acquisition for a while, but we figured if it happened, it'd be some other social company, particularly Facebook. I think it'll be interesting to see what happens with that partnership.

Where does the name "dxprog" come from?

Back in 2002 when I came up with the name for the YPN, I was in the thick of learning DirectX (back then, version 7). "dxprog" is short for "DirectX programmer". Not only was it a bit of a lie, but also didn't really pan out. Still, it stuck and now my handle and actual name are pretty well linked as far as Google is concerned (and in my mind).

Are you excited about this year's awwnime bracket?

2016's should be a lot of fun, yes :)

Will you add a search feature to I can't see any brackets from 2014.

Something needs to be done, doesn't it? I honestly never expected it to take off as much as it did and, as such, made the listings pretty terrible.

Wow. Thank you for this opportunity like this. I'm grateful. My question is as a Web Developer who has worked for different companies on different projects would you say essentially you were solving the same problem in different ways? I say this with a vi

Sadly, your question was cut off (a lovely side effect of my shitty coding). The answer is both yes and no. Some things remain the same, writing carousels comes to mind. But, at my current job, I get to solve very interesting problems that come with working for a company that actually cares about writing good, maintainable code. You're not going to find that in the web department of the local CBS station...

What is the best web host?

I can't speak for "best", but I've really enjoyed Linode thus far. Very few problems, relatively cheap for decent hardware and outbound transfer. Is it for beginners, though? I'd say no. I'm not sure what's good in the world of shared hosting these days, tbh.

Are you excited about package management and ssh support in Windows 10?

I'm definitely very much excited about SSH. PuTTY is pretty good and has gotten me by for years, but having something out of the box is exciting (especially if they can get it anywhere close to how great the OS X terminal is). To be honest, I'd not actually heard of package management, but if it's anything on the level of npm/apt/homebrew, bring it on!

Is a "Hackmann" a type of superhero who is good at hacking?

A "hack mann" is somebody who executes people... gruesomely.

Can you help me get a job at LinkedIn? Full time or internship? ;D

Well, I can certainly do my best, intrepid internet stranger. Fire me an email (address is over there on the right) with some info on who you are and we'll see what can be done :)

Do you want to come work at Facebook?

I'm certainly not opposed to the idea, though I've still got much to accomplish while I'm at LinkedIn :).

Since you are in charge of the r/anime popularity lists, I'd like to know who you would pick if there was no voting and it was all up to you (or if it's too hard, which few would you select for each category?) For best character with best "plot", I've pi

Sadly, it appears that the full question was cut off (design flaw on my part). However, it should be noted that I actually have not created a bracket on The only bracket I run is the /r/awwnime bracket every fall. As for those other brackets, I've only really participated in best guy and favourite anime. My choices for those were Kamina and Toradora!

why is this input so big?

That's what she said...

Full body anime pillows: creepy or misunderstood?

Both. I cannot deny that I understand the appeal, but were I to own a dakimakura (and I don't), it's not something that would be seen publicly. In short, having a daki is fine (depending on what's on it) as long as it remains for pillow use (and not a jizz rag) and I don't see you making out with it in public. Those last two things are creepy.

What platform does your site use (Wordpress, Drupal, etc)?

With the exception of a handful of frameworks (PHPass and jQuery), my site is 100% hand coded with love. The source is freely available on my GitHub account.

Are you a fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings?

The "or" operator here makes me feel that I should pick only one item. If that is the condition, I would have to pick Star Wars. Arguably, I'm not as big of a fan as I once was, but still big enough to leap on the new Blu-ray set and to have a copy of the Thrawn trilogy proudly sitting on my shelf. In my formative years, I read (and I've counted) no less than 78 Star Wars novels. That's a lot of text.

I am also a LotR fan, as well (read all the books, seen all the movies). I even went to see the extended edition theatrical re-release which was all sorts of fantastic. Out of all the Middle Earth literature available, though, the Hobbit is my personal favorite.

Harry Potter is something I'd like to get into. I don't want to watch the movies until I've finished the books and I can't read the books until my library has some copies available (they've had long hold lines for some time now).

Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft?

I would have to suspect that the context for this question is entirely gaming focused, but I'm going to delve a tad deeper.

I was born and raised on Nintendo, so I am very much a Ninty fanboy. Love Zelda, love Mario. To that point, I own an NES, SNES and three copies of A Link to the Past for three different platforms (my GBA one is pirated, which I didn't realize when I bought it). I'm cool with the 360, though I suck at most of the games that are released for it. I use it for social gaming and JRPGs, mostly. As for Sony, I am staunchly anti-Sony for no rational reason. It's probably some carry over from being an anti-Sega guy during the sixteen bit wars.

Now, in the realm of computers, I freakin' love Microsoft. Windows is awesome and Visual Studio is the best damned IDE ever to be conceived by mankind.

So, yeah.

Do you speak Klingon?

I do not, though I have a brother who tried that once. The only other language I kind of speak is Japanese and, at that, it's incredibly rudimentary. Arigatou gozaimasu.

When are you going to write and direct your first zombie epic with your good friend Mark Walker?

An excellent question!

You see, my recent job switch and subsequent pay increase wasn't just so I can live on my own and have nice things. Oh, no! It was to begin the funding pool for what is certainly going to be the most epic zombie flick since Dawn of the Dead (the original).

As the money collects, my next task will be to begin pooling talent. I'm thinking Catherine Zeta Jones?

Why did you write such a narcissistic tool as this?

A handful of reasons:

1) I was really bored one night and needed to program something.

2) My contact page was in dire need of change (the only page that hadn't changed since 2009)

3) Because, as you said, I am a narcissist and I enjoy talking about myself.

4) The taco king, who had a salsa gun pointed to my head as I was developing this, is going to use it to take over Taco Kingdom, a small plant somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse. I was promised many tacos, something you don't turn down lightly.

Windows, Linux or Mac OS?

My personal environment of choice for desktop use is most definitely Windows, though I've used all three in some capacity. When it comes to server environments, however, Debian Linux all the way.

How long have you been programming?

I've been programming in some form or fashion since 1997 when I was about 11. My first language was QBasic which I dabbled in for about three years. In 2002 I made the jump to web and the rest is history.

How old are you?

I am currently 24 years old by Standard Earth Time.