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A Special Message from Nagisa

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A little something something I made for achieving 5000 page views on my illustrious deviantArt profile.

Overall, I think this is probably one of my better ventures, though my brother says my art style is "lumpy". I cannot disagree. And hands? They're such a pain in the ass to draw. Like I was saying on the way into bowling last night, drawing would be so much easier if we had no hands and arms/legs were simple rectangles. Yes, it would make awesome things like eating and playing Tetris Attach much more difficult, but people would be easier to draw.

Wait... with no hands I couldn't draw...


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Lunchtime Ponderings - Dirty Windows

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I was on a journey through downtown, returning from the library where I had hoped to temporarily acquire some Death Note manga. As I was walking, I noticed somebody washing the outside windows of a building. I immediately heard an oft used phrase of my parents: "Keep your face/hands off the glass, somebody has to come along and clean those." That's when it hit me: this adage doesn't really hold any water. Why?

Those windows are going to be washed regardless of child prints on them. The dirt and grime that accumulate from dust or the elements far outweighs in terms of amount and regularity anything my greasy kid hands could leave behind. And even if these were not a factor, these panes would be cleaned anyways just because of general routine.

Nice try, parental units.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some shop windows to lick.

Snowpocalypse 2011 - Finale

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The End is Nigh

In what was a certainly very odd week, I was finally able to return the the Hackmann homestead Friday afternoon. I've not really explained exactly what happened during this hellish week, so I will take the time to do so now.

Monday - The morning was spent shuffling my shattered car in for repairs and commencing some work from home. It was repaired by ~11:30 and I figured, hey, I can make it down to work before my lunch hour is up and get some real work done before I'm snowed in for the week. However, the powers that be saw fit to keep me stranded in a hotel in downtown. Home was not forthcoming.

Tuesday - This is where the days begin to blur together. I had to report for duty at 6am just in case something went wrong (it didn't). What followed was a long, slow twelve hours of work. Returning to the hotel I learned that the wifi wasn't working. Stuck without interwebs, I decided to head down the the bar for alcohol and food (found some scraps of internet down there, too). One $34 meal down.

Wednesday - Much the same as Tuesday. 6am, ~12 hours and no internet to greet me when I returned. I decided to skip the bar in lieu of some instant noodles and a little "film making" to keep me company. Also interesting, the fire alarm went off during my evening nap. In a half awake stupor, I grabbed my effects (phone, wallet, keys) and ran out of the room without shoes or my room card, down 14 flights of stairs and into a huge as snow drift. I proceeded to make my way around the exterior of the hotel (in the snow, in my bare feed) to the entrance to inquire as to what was going on. Short answer: nothing.

Thursday - Thursday was a more normal day, appearing to work at the usual 8:30am. Some other coworkers were able to make it in that day as well, so it wasn't quite as boring. Returned to the hotel where I found the internet had returned. I returned to the hotel bar again that night, again for food and alcohol. I also mingled with completed strangers for some time (one of which was female).

Friday - Friday was a short day. The powers let me leave at 11:30am so I could begin my perilous journey back to the homestead. It took a little more than twice as long as usual and almost getting stuck in a snow drift at QuickTrip, but I made it.

So, we're now at Sunday. I have to return tomorrow plus there's the possibility of more snow this week. It'd be an understatement to say that I am not looking forward to returning.