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I Present Purple Fusion!

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web programming

This is the name of the new site backend I've been working on. Now, for anybody who's been paying attention I haven't written a web engine since Tetra 2. The last time I worked on it was sometime back in '05 I believe. Back then I was extremely proud of my little creation but I look back on it and think to myself "that is one bloated piece of crap". It really was. Over 2500 lines of code. In comparison my new engine is only one or two hundred lines of code and almost as powerful (or it will be).

From a design standpoint Purple Fusion is way different from Tetra. Tetra was built around an object-oriented core. From an interface standpoint this was very clean. However, it did lend to some slowdown and made adding new modules cumbersome at best. It also limited what you could do with a module (to a degree). The new engine completely throws objects out the window (almost, the main class is PurpleFusion and that's the only one) and goes for a scriptable approach. Each page is it's own seperate page script that makes calls for getting data, displaying templates, etc. This makes creating new pages incredible quick and eliminates redundant code. Here's the script for the front page:

<page title="Home">


<db:entries limit="15" sort="entry_date" order="desc">


<dblink:category_name table="categories" link="category_id">

<field:entry_date type="date" format="m-d-Y">

<field:entry_body type="standard">






As you can see it borrows from SGML's tag structure. Because of the tag structure it's very human readable and makes for quick prototyping. I'm incredibly pleased with the way it's going right now and hopefully I'll have it running this site in a couple of weeks. Now that I think about it I could even speed things up by generating a cached version of the source code and just include that instead of parsing the page all the time. Yeah, this rocks.

Nothing's Quite as Refreshing as a Swift Kick to the Balls

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That's a hell of a title right there. I haven't really put it out anywhere, but I've had a deviantArt account for some time now. Like, almost a year. I put up some of my Matt (Digital Double) redesigns and promptly forgot about it. Well, since I've been drawing all this stuff lately I've been posting again and garnering some attention. Attention like this:

"Dude, you don't have enough pageviews for the time you've been to DA and the quality of your stuff. I've only been here for a few weeks and I have more than triple your pageviews, it's annoying. Do more art! I less than three your style. = P"

Now it's like a kick to the balls and at the same time it's nice. He obviously thinks highly of my artwork, but the whole "d00d! I'm teh n00b and teh p0puler and you teh arnt" hurts slightly. He (I assume it's a guy) does have a point that I need to more art. One thing that baffles me, though, is that last sentence. The world may never know...

Art du Kick Ass

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phoenix wright

I decided to switch gears and move away from the Final Fantasy XII fan art. This time I'm doin' Phoenix Wright! Whoo! Not trying to brag but I think this is probably the best artwork I've ever drawn. The action is clearly defined, the body (and all parts of it) are more or less properly proportioned and, OMG, there are FIVE fingers on those hands. And ANKLES! I will say that my picture isn't entirely faithful to the source material, but I'm really not going to be picky. Oh, the original of this is actually 8.5x10 in. so even the larger size you see here is scaled down. I must say, seeing this on a big piece of photo paper all nice and glossy with no loss of quality is pretty freakin' awesome.


There's something wrong with me

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final fantasy

Because I completed yet another work of art!

Lady Ashe

Overall I'm pretty pleased with it. It's a far sight better than the original pencil art I had. However, the top part of the body seems to be a bit too small compared to everythiong else. But, considering I don't draw girls very often I'll give myself a break. I suppose it's one of those things I'll need to work on eventually.

This whole mess of pictures actually comes from one piece of art I'd drawn a while back for a comic (the point of which now escapes me). I've enjoyed being able to make purty art again and I may keep it up just to keep me busy until September.

Speaking of which, I've begun searching for a roommate. I've e-mailed a couple guys now and I hope to hear back from some one. Also, I'm pretty darn sure that I'll be adding animation as a second degree. Drawing these pictres has really hit home that, hey, I'm not that bad of an artist and, most importantly, I had a hell of a time doing it. So I'll need to e-mail them and see how much it'll cost me to tack that on. That'd also mean spending twice as long at school, but it's so freakin' cool that's hardly a problem ;-).