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2014 Micro Retrospectives - Intro + Bikes

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2014 is winding down as the shadow of 2015 looms over us. I don't even know why we give this any mind; time is but a human construct and the "new year" marker could have been placed at any point. Indeed, other cultures have their own ways of keeping time with their own "new years". Interesting that the concept of a "year", a larger span of time filled with many smaller demarcations of time, is seen in most of these calendar systems. Still, I'm happy to use an arbitrary position on our planet's orbit to define the changing of the year. Whatever, that's not what I'm here to talk about.

For myself, 2014 was arguably less exciting than 2013. No sudden life changes, no international trips, just a fairly standard year. Still, it wasn't without its own interesting things and I'll now take a look back at the more notable things that happened in a series of very short blog posts.


I'd purchased a bike in 2013, shortly after returning from Japan (partially because my original bike had been stolen while I was gone). Despite having it, I didn't make use of it nearly as much as I should have. But, this year, I began going on long rides with friends which really makes the whole experience much more appealing. On top of that, I bought a very nice bike and, as I became more accustomed to it, started upgrading that with nice upgrades like better wheels and clips. All said and done, I logged over 1800 miles this year which is an accomplishment I'm quite proud of.

That's today, tomorrow might be more!

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