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Accountability Report - Of Brats and Wurst

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Best way to prepare bratwurst: boil in a one part beer, two parts water mixture for about ten minutes. Once that's done, toss them in a pan or on the grill to brown them (with onions is a nice touch). It's that easy and they're fuckin' delicious!

Health - I was sick two days this week and felt like not great most of the others. My eating habits were way off, though I was certainly eating less. I did have drive-thru once (at Braum's) on one of my sicker days because I was super starving and it sounded amazing. Needless to say, not much exercise was had either.

Finances - The only superfluous spending I did this week was to pitch in for the Cyanide & Happiness Kickstarter. I'm considering this the other part of my $50 monthly entertainment budget.

Japanese - Sickness definitely ate into this, making it not happen. I will take last week's proclamation of 30+ per weekday and apply it this week (wherein I am within means to do so... more on that later).

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