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Accountability Report - Week 5

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Finances - Resisting the urge to buy something when you know you can afford but don't actually need it is quite frustrating. However, I have done well on resisting the urge for the most part. I did line up a couple things for pre-order and have settled on the number of $50/mo to satisfy my urge to purchase Japanese items. Also, unbeknownst to me, Amazon decided that they would charge me for Prime without notice once my trial had ended. Now I have Prime. Generally when it comes to online ordering, I trade patience for money and go with the cheapest shipping option, but I guess that's moot now. Also, I'll probably be purchasing from Amazon instead of rightstuf just so I can somewhat justify the money they have taken from me. I did do some spontaneous "gifting" of things last week, which was some money gone not planned. That shouldn't, however, become anything regular.

Health - Lackluster week on the exercise front. I did not get out for the usual afternoon walks as often as I should have which also caused Mr. Helton to pull ahead of me in steps. I'm putting my foot down on that this week (get it?). I've still managed to stay away from most fast food, a trip to Cici's with my family notwithstanding. Interestingly, I haven't even had the urge for the late night McDonald's or Taco Bell trip. Or even to go there at all. I've done my best to have something hanging around the house for when those urges occur, usually in the form of some kind of sandwich. Or delicious bread pudding. It's not good for me, but at least it's not processed, right?

Japanese - Not too much new here. I did get Kanacards to a (mostly) usable state and have been doing vocab drills with that. There's still some development to go to make it full featured and sand down the rough edges, but it can and shall be used. The most difficult thing I'm finding, however, is that my Genki book is a text book but there's no syllabus to go with it. So, I'm trudging along as best I can.

Drawing - I hooked my Wacom back up to my computer at some point this week.



I must not have caught that you were on trial with Amazon Prime - yeah, you have to be really careful about that sort of thing. I still say you can probably gripe and get your money back if you do it quickly enough.

Number B - It's not a bad thing to have a little sweet something after dinner to curb that urge. I have done that and it helps. Alot. Keep up the good work!

Mr. Foot
Mr. Foot

I'm gonna kick your ass so hard for that...

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