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Accountability Report - Whose Price is it Anyways?

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Across from my desk at work are mounted three TVs. I get to watch the Price is Right in the morning and Let's Make a Deal in the afternoon. Both shows are highly similar in format and hosted by Whose Line veterans, but Deal seems to be where all the weirdos go what with all their costumes and what such.

Finances - I managed to stick to my guns and purchased nothing extraneous last week. Food and gas were the only items money was shelled out for. I'm going to duplicate that trend this week.

Health - I did some walking almost every day last week and crammed in nearly ten miles of it yesterday. I feel my overall calorie intake was lower than usual as well. Also, I mention it every time I write this, but still doing well on keeping away from McD's and TBell. I note this because I was eating there for late night snacks three to four times a week in the later months of last year. That I haven't been to either place in nearly two months is kind of a big deal. I'm not even craving them anymore which is more surprising. This is certainly a boon to my overall health and indeed my pocket book.

Japanese - I haven't been studying, that much I can say. I do keep myself immersed in small ways, though, by reading kana that I come across. I even had a brief all Japanese conversation with my brother last week. This week I will do at the very least thirty minutes of studying every day, an hour preferable. That I have a basic grasp of the language is more crucial now that the trip to Japan is set in stone.

Drawing - Seriously, I'm just going to drop this one. There are too many other things that I rank higher in importance (that have money invested in them) over improving my art skills.

I think I just saw Danielle Fishel on the Price is Right...



Drop your drawing skills?? Now that makes me sad - you have so much talent. :-(

Martin Handford
Martin Handford



As if.

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