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Days of Future Past

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I don't entirely recall why, but last year I sent my one-year-in-the-future self a note with what I predicted would be my life in 2013. Yesterday, I received that letter.

Dear Me (in the future),

I'm doing this on a whim, nothing really to say. devusb has said that 2013 would be the year you get a girlfriend, but your current self is dubious. My predictions for 2013 are a repeat of 2012 with the possibility of having a house. Hopefully that trip to Japan happened and that you got a Super Famicom (with Panel de Pon if'n you can swing it). Good luck, we're all counting on you!

Not much said, but I'm 2/3 in predictions. The needle on the girl front went even less of anywhere this year than last and that Japan trip certainly did happen (with the SFC and Panel de Pon). That one part in the middle is so wrong, though, that saying my letter was 66% correct doesn't seem quite fair.

Because as has been stated before, this year was nothing like 2012.

Now, to go pen myself a letter for next year.

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