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Graduating to a New Look

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Welcome, one and all, to the brand new and totally spiffy! I'm sure I say it every time I do this, but this iteration is by far the most advanced version of the site to date. I can pretty much wrap up all the updates in a nutshell by saying I've had a lot of fun throwing in all sorts of jQuery and Ajaxy stuff, but I'll itemize.

The front page, for starters, shows the latest and greatest projects and blog posts on the site in the featured pane. The gallery has undergone a huge overhaul and is much more intuitive than it was before. I've also uploaded quite a lot of new content to the gallery page, so go take a gander at that to see what awesome stuff I've been up to. And finally, even the contact is looking spiffier with a picture of yours truly and a link to all the social media outlets I'm currently signed up for.

With the new design out of the way, I'll shift focus to the new {mh}labs; section of the website, where you'll be able to find all sorts of little pojects that have never been released to the general public (and some that have).

The future is bright at, so be sure to bookmark us and return often for all sorts of goody goodness.

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