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How Many Times Can One Man Code the Same Thing?

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tetris attack

I mentioned some days ago my intent to create Tetris Attack clone worthy of its source material for the iPad. This got me to realizing that I've coded this particular game to some varying level to completion five times now, six if you include the yet to be written iPad version.

Six times. And now you'll get the code for a good many of those.

First Attempt

Bask in its shittiness

Source: Download

My first shot for a TAttack clone didn't make it too far. It was little more of a see-if-I-could attempt. Written in Visual Basic and using GDI for graphics, there's not much to see here except how terrible it is.

Contest Winning Attampt


Download: Source, Character Script Compiler

The second version was the one for that VB game contest all those years ago and arguably the most complete version to date. It had a menu, full sound, character scripting, particle effects and who knows what else. I am quite prideful in that this is a very frame accurate clone of the original game. Actually, this is probably my most complete anything to date...

I was lucky enough to have some guy from the now defunct forums provide some graphics in an age where I sucked at such things. Of course, some of them were taken from Kanon which I find ironic because I did not know what it was at the time and probably despised it. Now I've watched and own the series and have started an attempt to bring it to your browser...

Shiori had me pegged all those years ago...

This too was written in VB6 (of course), but I used DirectX 8 for all the multimedia handlings. Sadly, starting with Windows Vista, all support for the DXVB libraries has been dropped and it does not work. Thanks a lot, Microsoft.

Gameboy Advance Attempt

Download: ROM

At one point or another, I decided to learn myself some Gameboy Advance programming. Why not start off with a game that was wholly familiar to me by this point? Sadly, I've since lost the original source to the annals of time, but the rom still exists so there is that.

Latest Attempt

Cornfield Blue

Download: Download

My latest shot at creating this game is actually not my first using the XNA library, though it is my most complete of the two. The first XNA version was actually for the Xbox 360 shortly after I got my student, 1-year dev pass (or whatever you want to call it). There were thoughts of that this time around as well, but all has been shelved due to the whole iPad idea. I've been tossing around the idea of making it Touhou themed to get a little extra press amoungst the nerdcore. They're loose enough with their IP that I could totally do that. Ultimately, whether or not I head this direction is still undecided. And I still need to figure out how to get an Airplay SDK project set up in VS...

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