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Racing the Clock for a Code Release

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Pushing it a bit close tonight, but that's what happens when you go to a once in a lifetime screening of the extended cut of Two Towers in the theater and it's nearly four hours long. But, whatever.

Makes a very nice screensaver indeed

Download: Source

Some time ago, a coworker passed along a link to this very nifty Colour Clock which displays the time and uses the values of said time to drive the background color. It's really quite pretty and nifty. Back when he linked me, there was the flash version on the site and a download for an OS X screen saver. No Windows love.

So, I fired up my copy of Visual Studio and set about correcting this sadness. I never really polished it to the extent I wanted, which is why I'm putting it up as a source code release. There is a binary in there, but no installer or anything.

Also, before I created this version, I also conjured up a JavaScript one as well, which you can see here.

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