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Weekend of Productivity

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Being single has its upsides. It means I get to such things as lounge around doing jack shit on the days I'm not dancing for the man. I decided to buck that trend this weekend, though, and actually accomplished quite a bit. All of it started with my decision not to hop in line for a Wii U early.

The original idea was to take my brother to work at 2pm and then insert myself into whatever line there was at Walmart (they tell me there's no dash in that anymore). I was hesitant to say the least. That would have been a near 10 hour wait in a store with only a handful of electronics to keep me company. Despite the fact that I had loaded up a satchel of entertainment, I decided at the last minute to not get in line, resigning myself to not getting a Wii U right now. I could waste my time much more effectively at home.

I actually spent most of the afternoon programming up the last stages of the awwnime bracket to include a wildcard round. In between bouts of frustration, I'd browse around the internet or conversate on IRC, but in the end there were a lot of solid hours of coding done.

Once that was completed, I cleaned my room a little bit and also loaded up the dishwasher from lunch earlier in the day. Then, I caught up on my currently airing shows. I consider this an accomplishment as my laziness has reached heights so high that it feels like a chore to watch television. I think it's more I don't like watching shows alone, actually. Not as fun that way.

After retrieving my brother from work, we swung by Walmart to see how long the Wii U line was. The answer to that was a surprising "not very", and we spent about an hour in a half waiting before walking out with the last available Deluxe unit. I thank the good lord that I decided against the ten hour wait as the 90 minutes we did spend were pretty damned stressful in their own right.

Yesterday, I spent a goodly bit of time working out the final technical details of my computerized lights setup and began sequencing my first display to music (more info on that soon). I even spent some time chatting with the maternal unit and baked up some cookies. Also shipped my brand new Wii U off for repair because the disc drive doesn't like reading discs (sucks). But, c'est la vie.

All in all, a pretty damned productive weekend. More productive than I've had in a goodly long time.


Tony Stark
Tony Stark

Wanna know what I did all weekend? Slept like a boss, that's what I did. And I fucking enjoyed it!


Really wish you'd stop saying "like a boss". It's unbecoming.

Tony Stark
Tony Stark

I'll say "like a boss" if I want to.

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