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Accountability Report - Those Who Did It Know Their Blame

I still write "weekly" as a tag for these posts, but we all know the accuracy of that. I should retroactively change it to read "lies". But, that's enough self-deprecation for now.

Health - Been hit and miss on the exercise. Last week, I didn't set foot on the bike at all, excepting on Sunday when I made another trek to Sausalito via the Golden Gate Bridge. The week before, I was down sick for a couple days and didn't much bike then either. It's a mechanical horse that I need to get back on and stay on. In terms of food, not much has changed. I frequent Taco Bell every once and again, and when I don't eat for supper I'm generally having some nice, fatty comfort food. The call of free sugar treats at work is one I have much trouble ignoring and, more often then not, cave to. Let's not even mention the alcohol consumption curve since moving here...

So, my goal for this week is to not eat any sweets and place myself on the Matt Hackmann Turkey Sandwich Diet until I can get my poundage back down. The work provided lunches provide me with plenty of calories to ensure that I don't die on a given day. On top of that, biking to work at least four out of the five work days.

Finances - Superfluous spending has subsided some, but the bigger news would be that I have now accomplished two of the three goals I set for myself; paying off my credit card and my LASIK loan. According to the list I presented, that leaves just the car loan. With only four months left in the year, I'm still yet uncertain of the likelihood that I will tackle that one as well. Though, with the money saved from those two bills down, that can certainly hasten the process.

Japanese - Some evenings when I come home from work, I consider that I should crack out my books and do some studying. But, then I catch myself in the same downward spiral that I do with art; where do I begin and how do I proceed. Interestingly enough, a couple weeks back I received a little brochure about some adult learning programs that the Fremont High School system has in the fall and, lo and behold, Japanese is amoung the courses available. Not only that, but they use the same books that I have already purchased. I feel it would be wise to get in on those, if only to provide initial direction.