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Bloggy Blog 26 - Road Tripping, Day 1

Following from yesterday's post, we have successfully completed the first half of our journey to Disneyland with the wee babes. All told, it went fairly smoothly. We finished packing this morning, bundling up an awe inspiring amount of support materials for just Mr. Baby. Kayla and I have roughly one bag each, he's got... far more. I haven't counted. Maybe you can try.

Once all was in the car, we swung by Micky D's for breakfast/lunch and hit the road. It was pretty much a three hour straight shot down to San Luis Obispo, with only one break towards the beginning to make sure the car was adequately gassed up. It was during this gas stop that babykins had his only fussy fit (on the highway). Once the car got moving again and a pacifier was popped in his mouth, he returned to dreamland until we pulled up to the hotel. And it was smiles for days!

Pretty much immediately after the above picture, his body caught up and realized he hadn't eaten for hours and was a starving child. Nothing that a whole bunch of bottle can't fix. After his meal, it was time for Kayla and I to sate ourselves. Sadly, the place we were originally going to go was closed to memebrs only, so we had to find a backup. Where we wound up was a little marketplace that housed a few small restaurants and a taproom in the center. We gnoshed on some delightful Mexican fusion food and I grabbed some beer from my favorite Tulsa based brewery downstairs. It's not often that I see Prairie beers on tap, so that was also a delight.

Once done there, we went up the street to Target to collect some supplies we'd forgotten, and then have been crashed in the hotel room since. Tiny man has been pretty good the entire time, only really getting fussy for food as he does. As I write this, he's konked out for probably a chunk of the evening. I haven't yet tried to put him in his crib, but that's been setup and I shall try.

Tomorrow's driving situation is pretty similar to today's, maybe about a half hour longer depending on how LA traffic fares. I'm feeling fairly optimistic. As mentioned, once in town we'll find me some more craft beer and bites to eat. Following that, we'll visit Micro Center, my favorite electronics/computer store in the world. Somewhere in there, we'll be hitting up the Disney employee store as well as Kayla has managed to score a way to get in there. When all that's done and we're checked into our hotel, it'll be time.

We will return...