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The last few days have been kinda "meh" on various fronts. Just when I think I'm making or about to make progress on something, WHAM! Something's in my way ruining those plans.

Hakk's Lab Episode 1

The first episode of Hakk's Lab is supposed to be a rebuild of the power/video board on my Famicom (partially because I destroyed the original one). Those screenshots I've been posting of PCBs was supposed to be for that, the idea being I was going to mill the board on my PCB because it seemed the easiest. To that end, I began getting the CNC machine set back up... and then my garage computer died. Replaced the garage computer, updated my CNC to the latest firmware and... it suddenly doesn't know how to move anymore. Do a bunch of googling, fix the issues with the motor direction and things are looking good... except now my Z axis is unable to move more than an inch down. I don't even know where to go next without taking the whole machine apart... well, fuck.

Hakk's Lab Episode 1 - Alternate idea

Itching to just get something out, I dipped into a different episode idea: modding a Super Game Boy to fix the clock speed problem... and that went really well! All the filming got done, the mod itself was pretty much there... and then it didn't work. Okay, cool. Just fix it up and leave that part out of editing. Oh... I just broke one of the pins off of this surface mount chip and now the whole cartridge is basically ruined... well, fuck.

React RFC

This one didn't have any real surprise behind it, but the RFC for React I created the other day was indeed rejected. Not for any fault of mine beyond the idea goes in a difrection that React doesn't want to. A fair point, but now I've got no clean way forward for bringing back the RSS feeds... well, fuck.

Arguably, these are very comfy problems to have, but it's getting annoying having stuff constantly derailing me as I've finally mustered up some resolve to do them. To the Hakk's Lab thing, I decided to go with my initial idea but just etch the PCB in the old-fashioned way with caustic chemicals. Hopefully that goes a bit better.