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Bloggy Blog 28 - Road Tripping, Day 3

Day three of our road trip saw no actual tripping on the road. We're at our destination, time to enjoy it.

We actually took the morning really chill, by which I mean we didn't even leave the hotel room until the afternoon. Having an annual pass to Disneyland affords us the ability to not feel like we need to squeeze every drop of enjoyment out of park tickets, so we've abused that notion many times. In this case, the first half of the day was used to take a breather after the journey down from the last couple of days.

Once we did head out, we hit up the Disney employee store that Kayla's travel agent status wound up getting her access to. There was quite a bit of merch there that we'd never seen before, and on deep deep discount. I wound up with a hat and shirt, and Kayla found a few shirts for herself. We walked out of there for less than any meal we paid for in the park today...

Micro Center is still on pause, and we decided to park our car at the parks instead of walk over from the hotel. The 90+ degree heat was the catalyst for that (and also a factor in hanging out in the hotel for so long), and it was nice to have the journey from the parking garage greatly shortened (and more exciting). We only hit DCA today, but actually got in a couple of rides and saw the Captain America musical that's being put out to pasture tomorrow.

Evan handled everything like a champ and basically just raked in the compliments all day. One person even said something to the effect of "there's baby cute, and then there's him", so apparently Kayla and I spawned a particularly attractive baby (don't know how when he shares half my genes). If I were to ask for one thing regarding him, though, it'd be for him to be more willing to ride in the stroller. If he's not fast asleep, he wants to be looking at everything... in daddy's arms. Hence, my arms are pretty tired now. Reminds me of a particular trip to the Tulsa zoo forever ago where one of my twin siblings fell asleep in my arms towards the start and I carried them for the remainder of the trip. The difference between then and now is that I'm twenty years older and less supple...

But, I digress. All in all, even though we didn't hit the parks with our usual vigor, I'd say we got our fill of doing things while experiencing just being there.

Most importantly, I got my Blood Orange Cali Squeeze from Pym's Tasting Lab.