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Bloggy Blog 29 - Road Tripping, Day 4 + Finale

Alas, I'm pulling another skip, missing out on the final day. That makes for three total days skipped of the 31 days in August, though I definitely did do some time shenanigans to keep things caught up. I may continue to blog, though. There are things to talk about, like part three in a three part series, electronics YouTube channel things, and how the chicken sandwich is one of the best dishes you can order at a restaurant. Thanks kindly to my mom for pushing me to add more posts to this blog over the last month than I have for last several years combined!

But, on to that road trip thing.

I won't go into too much detail about day four, as it was in pretty similar vein to the day previous, though we started earlier and finished later. The wee babes got to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, Small World, and Buzz's Astro Blasters (playing a laser tag shooting gallery with one arm holding a baby adds extra challenge). Well... he experienced two of those, Small World was summarily slept through, which is probably for the best so as not to ruin his brain with that earworm of a song. Still, anything for air conditioning. The night was wrapped by going to our favorite restaurant in DCA and getting front row seats to their water fountain spectacular... which he also slept through.

For the drive home, we did Anaheim to the Bay in one go, with extra shitty traffic going through the grapevine (something like thirty minutes to go five miles). Mr. Babyface slept pretty much the entire time, with the occasional request for a bottle. We did make one stop in the middle with the intent of giving him a diaper change, getting ourselves some food, and letting everybody stretch a little. We chose the little convenience store + TBell that I'd accidentally told Kayla I loved her at so many moons ago because it seemed cute.

Bad idea.

None of the bathrooms had baby changing stations, so I was left changing the biggest blowout yet on the passenger side of our new car. In the store itself, Kayla was looking for Ritz crackers as something easy for her angery stomach to calmly digest, but no dice there. When we moved over to TBell, they had a bat flying about the place and were trying unsuccessfully to get it out. (The bat had actually been in the attached convenience store when I was looking for the changing station). "Fuck this shit" was said to the whole situation, and we just finished the drive. The only time baby child went nuclear was when I stopped up the street from our house to get that TBell I missed out on. So, of the seven and a half hours of time on the road, he cried maybe five minutes? As I write this, we've done the usual bedtime routine and he's sound asleep in his bassinet.

Did I mention he might be the best baby?

There's one logistical thing that I don't think I mentioned that really helped make this trip possible. Due to the amount of bottles and milking supplies required on a daily basis, we intentionally sought out hotels that had rooms with dishwashers. This allowed us a full compliment of sanitized bottles everyday without doing a bunch of hand washing that probably would've been done in the bathroom sink. It's quite the array...

Thus ends our little family road trip and the pressure for me to update this blog daily, though I'll still post as I have unfinished things to say.

After all, I don't think it can be overstated how amazing a good chicken sandwich can be.